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Sofiz Oats Ladoo

Yummy Oats LADOO recipe by Sofiz: MADE FROM OATS ATTA.


  • Makes-6 ladoos


  • 1/3rd cup (50 ml) ghee
  • A little less than ½ cup (50 gms) oats atta
  • A little more than 2/3rd cup(100 gms )powdered sugar
  • 1 cup and 3/4th cup (150 gms) mota or thick besan
  • A little more than ½ cup (100 gms) grated yellow mawa
  • 1/4thtsp cardamom powder
  • Few almonds and pistachios for decoration


  • Warm the ghee in a pan.
  • Now add besan and oats atta.
  • Roast besan and oats atta in ghee till golden brown and aromatic.
  • Then add mawa and cook for 5-7 mintill the entire mawa mixes well and is no longer visible.
  • Take the entire mixture out in a thali and cool till a bit lukewarm. Make sure that it does not cool so much that it dries out and cannot form a ball.
  • Once cool add the powdered sugar and cardamom.
  • Take a handful of mixture on your palm and shape them into ladoos while it’s still a bit hot. Note that if the mixture cools too much it won’t shape into a ball.
  • Decorate with almonds and pistachio.

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